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If you want to go a bit off the beaten path, and experience true Southern cuisine, um, er, grub . . . Palmetto Seafood is definitely worth the drive!  Located on 2910 S. Hwy 161, York (and I can't even tell you how to get there, other than In A Truck), it is definitely in a country location, just 4 or 5 miles from downtown Clover.  I knew I was in for a unique dining experience when our friends hopped in the truck with a bottle of bug spray.  (You thought I was kidding about the truck??)

Palmetto seafood lake wylie dining


We arrived at Palmetto Seafood and took a seat on the outdoor dining porch, right next to the corn hole game.  We sat at a picnic table on a dirt floor, the table adorned with a condiment tray and a roll of paper towels.  Special for the evening was frog legs, and you know how I do love to order the specials!  I wasn't 100% sure about my selection, however, so the waitress graciously offered to bring out a sample for me to try.  It passed muster, so I ordered away.

My dining companions selected fried flounder and fried seafood platters (places like these, you just order your food fried.  Don't try to be healthy; it's not what they do best.)  One couple in our party was from New York, and the wife attempted to order balsamic vinaigrette on her salad.  The waitress looked confused, so she changed her selection to Italian dressing.  Good call.  As is typical in most Southern fish camps, the portions are very generous, so unless you're fond of leftovers, it's a good idea to order a combo plate to split with a companion.  (They charge $1.50 to split orders, to cover condiments and the extra paper plate).  Top it off with a side salad, just to make yourself feel better about the fried fest. 

Every thing was very good, hot and freshly prepared.  The service was very friendly, very quick.  It's a winner, y'all.

Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 4pm until 10 or so.  No credit cards.


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